Saint Bryce Missions exists to put faith, hope, and love in action in poor communities on the peripheries, and to share the riches of the Catholic faith. Read more about our great history.

Saint Bryce Missions is currently has active ministry sites in Tanzania , and we hope to continue to impact other communities globally.  In 2013, we founded the St. Francis Emmaus Center in Costa Rica as part of our Love in Action programming to provide rest and recuperation time as well as support and health education to pregnant Cabecar mothers who lack access to health services. Completing our new 30 bed facility in 2017, the St. Francis Emmaus Center continues to provide housing and lodging for at risk indigenous moms and children. 

Now we are moving full forece into Tanzania, Africa to bring relief to vital areas in need of the Gospel and basic needs such as water and food.

With your help, St, Bryce Missions is bringing sustainable change founded on Christ’s  presence to some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. When you become a supporter, you put faith, hope and love in action and fulfill Pope Francis’ great hope that we would be a “poor Church for the poor.”

Our Vision

At St. Bryce Missions, we consider ourselves bigger than individual points on a map.

We want to be the connective tissue of the Body of Christ, bringing together the churches, individuals and communities to play an important part in one another’s stories. While we currently have missionaries serving in Costa Rica , we don’t want to stop with one, two or three communities, but hope to build a body of people are putting faith, hope and love in action together around the world, reaching the Church’s peripheries and reminding them that they are one with us. YOU have the chance to be that connection when you donate, advocate, and become part of our story.

Our Catholic Faith:

St. Bryce Missions is a Catholic lay apostolate of the faithful comissioned in the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana and working with permission of local bishops around the world. We are faithful to the magisterium of the Church in all we do, adhere to Catholic social teaching, and are a 100% pro-life ministry.



Faith is the gift of a relationship with God. The goal of all our efforts is to bring souls to know Christ, participate in the loving and grace-filled community of the Church and spend an eternity in heaven. When we begin by making Christ’s presence the focal point of our relationship with a community, we are able to bring eternal value to all other efforts we undertake in that place.


Hope is belief in a better tomorrow. When people see that someone is invested in their future, they begin to nurture new dreams. Joining a community in pursuing economic opportunity and agricultural sustainability in small, personal ways in an investment not in their material well-being but in their individual worth and dignity, in the image of God present in a unique way in them.


Love is willing the well-being of another person. By providing support, education, and access to care for the most vulnerable members of a community--its pregnant mothers, newborn babies, and chronically ill children--we can enact a lasting change in the overall well-being of the community as well as be a poignant example to what it means to love and be loved.