The proclamation of the Gospel is destined for the poor first of all, for all those all who all too often lack what they need in to live a dignified life. To them first are proclaimed the glad tidings that God loves them with a preferential love and comes to visit them through the charitable works that disciples of Christ do in his name. Go to the poor first of all: this is the priority.
— Pope Francis

Why build chapels?

We believe that the ultimate good for every human person is to come to know the love and mercy of God and be received into the sacramental life of the Church. A living, thriving community issues from a living, thriving Church. In many poor areas of the world. the Church is as materially poor as her people. By reaching into these communities, and providing simple, dignified places of worship in which the Church can gather, St. Bryce Mission is laying the foundation for the transformation of hearts, souls, families, communities and the whole world. 

Chapel in Naga, Myanmar

The Naga people of Myanmar are one of the most remote tribes, living in the mountains that border India and the country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. In the last 40 years, Catholic missionaries have planted the faith among this mountain people and are now preparing them for the rapid development which will come as a result of a trans-Asia road scheduled to cross Pang Sau village, the center of Catholic life for the Naga people. A chapel will establish a safe, secure presence of the Church where they can encounter Christ for the Naga people as rapid changes occur in their surroundings.

Simirinak Chapel Project

Simirinak is a small community of Cabecar indigenous families located in the Chirripo reserve lands of rural Costa Rica. This Catholic community has been meeting regularly with St. Bryce Missions missionaries for catechism and sacramental preparation. They have a deep hunger for the faith and strongly desire to have a chapel for their community that would be an outward witness of their hope in Christ.

Tanzania Chapel Project

St. Thomas Mtumbe parish in Chanika, Tanzania and its surrounding areas is a recently formed parish currently being served by missionary priest of the Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament from India. In the last three years, these faithful priests have enlivened a growing Catholic community in the parishes small village substations and baptized hundreds of children whom they are now catechizing. Existing village chapels are made of red mud and sticks and deteriorate every year when the rains come. We are building brick chapels for these communities and also providing much needed income by contracting community members themselves for the construction labor.

Chirra Island Chapel Project

Chirra is a little island in off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It is a small, isolated community that was all but abandoned for a while. While the faith is now being cared for and stewarded by a group of missionary sisters, the island’s chapel structures show the evidence still. We are hoping to rebuild these chapels and stand in solidarity with the sisters and the community as they rebuild their faith.