Esperanza's Story

Esperanza means "hope" but this mama has not always had a fair supply of it. Two of her little ones died of undiagnosed causes before we ever met her. Then a little over a year ago when her fourth baby, Gerardino was born with a sever cleft lip and palate, the hospital asked for our collaboration in ensuring he would be near to the hospital and able to complete the care he needed to have his surgeries, repair his lip and palate and move on to a bright future.

Gerardino has seen some setbacks along the way, but after a full year of the aid and support of the St. Francis Emmaus Center is a thriving little boy awaiting his final surgery in early November 2016. 

In August, Esperanza gave birth to sweet baby Soleida, who was also born with a severe cleft lip and palate and the added complication of clubbed feet. Colleen was able to accompany Esperanza through her labor and birth, and Soleida came home from the hospital to the St. Francis Emmaus Center where she, just like her older brother, will be cared for and ensured she has access to all the medical care she needs to give her the best future possible.

Esperanza and her family will likely spend nearly two years living with us by the time both little ones complete the courses of care they need. But the future for all of them is full of hope once again, and that makes every effort on their behalf worth it for us and our staff. 

Your donations makes stories like these, stories if hope for families who had none, possible.