Letter from Father Lijeesh Vargeesh MSBS

Dear Respected Gregory Mitchell,
I am writing this letter to thank you and your St. Brice mission society for all the helps you have been done for our Tanzanian mission for the past six years. First of all, i thank god for all the blessings upon you and your thirst for the adoration of the Holy Eucharist, i think that power helps you to work as a zealous missionary. as you were helping our substations and interior places, people are thankful to you and they always remember you in prayers and they are eagerly waiting for your next visit. you have helped them for building church in the substation called Kiwambe, so that they can pray peacefully in rainy seasons also and you helped to drill bore wells in substations called Msongola, Nvuti and Zingiziwa. so they get plenty of pure water in substations where they were using dirty water. and also as you send the money to help poor people, it has been used in different years when we celebrated Christmas and Easter to arrange food for thousands of poor people and children. People are very much thankful for your help, love and concern to them. Hope that you will continue to show your love towards them. May Holyspirit always help you in your mission.
Yours lovingly,
Fr. Lijeesh Varghese M.C.B.S
Parish priest, St. Thomas church, chanika,DSM