Zaida's Story

A late afternoon phone call from the head of pediatrics at the nearby hospital asked if we could come meet a referral. Soon afterwards, we were headed home with a quiet, smiling mom and her diminutive eight month old who had been recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy and severe malnutrition.

For the past two years, this mama, Zaida, and her little boy, Kenneth, have been residents at the St. Francis Emmaus Center where they have completely stolen our hearts with their warm smiles and generous hearts and have become part of our family. 

Kenneth has received all necessary medical care and been enrolled in the special education program here where he weekly receives physical and occupational therapies to strengthen his body and work on his development. At two, he was crawling and standing on his own, has gained considerable weight, and his teachers and therapists are thrilled with his progress. Now Kenneth is walking and even running in what can only be considered a miracle. 

Zaida and her family have been residents at the St. Francis Emmaus Center for two and half years now and have received much care and have decided to become Catholic.

Many women like Zaida come to us with the uncertainty of what life might mean for a mom of a newborn and special needs child who still requires constant hands-on care, it is our honor to be able to ensure her that here at the St. Francis Emmaus Center, we will continue to be at her side as long as she needs us, and that her children will continue to be part of our family and receive every bit of care and love we can offer them. Zaida now volunteers at the center to help other Cabecar mothers acclmate to living here. 

The love we share here is the love you share with us with each and every donation to the St. Francis Emmaus Center. On behalf of Zaida and her beautiful, growing family, we thank you.